This week at the cinema: 21 Jump Street, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and Casa de Mi Padre

21 Jump Street is getting pretty good reviews despite being the film version of a popular television show from the late 80s. I wasn’t ever into the show, so I have no background for the film, but I don’t think it’s really necessary. It looks like the old construct of buddy cop film with the addition of let them be undercover in a high school. It’s so original it pains me to think about it. A mind-blowing idea if ever there was one. AND best of all, it stars C-Tate. How is this rated so well? I had high hopes of never seeing this film, but if the plethora of good reviews keep coming out, I just might buy a ticket.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home has the potential to be really funny. There are moments in the trailer that had me chuckling, but it has a very “independent comedy” vibe coming from it. Usually independent comedies have the same serious side that hollywood comedies do, but they tend to focus more on that aspect of the film instead of the comedy. I haven’t read any reviews yet, but it does star Jason Segel and Ed Helms, who can be hilarious.

Casa de Mi Padre is Will Ferrell’s all Spanish comedy. That’s all I need to say about that. I don’t know how receptive the audience will be to having to read Ferrell jokes, nor do I know how Ferrell will come across in text format. I guess I could pop in one of his films and change the audio track to Spanish and put the subtitles on, but it wouldn’t be the same because I already know the jokes…wait a minute, he uses the same jokes almost all the time, so this will no doubt come off brilliantly.

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